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To reiterate, At ATS, we do thorough homework and put our investment in understanding the need of the client, the organization’s structure, the job description, role and context of the opening. The entire study is documented to formulate next step processes of search criteria. Based on the brief prepared, we create a plan to identify the source and possible matches. The same is reviewed by our client again to suggest amendment required if any. Then, our next action is to communicate with potential candidates, which gets initiated with an aim of attracting the talent, followed by talent assessment. We present our assessment report of short-listed candidates to our client and discuss further to draw up meeting schedules. Interview proceedings take place to shortlist the candidates, followed by negotiations and finally rolling out offer letters to selected candidates, in collaboration with the client. Then a reference check happens before onboarding. Here most important factor that we keep in mind is, that of a contingency plan to keep the waited listed candidates warm for roping-in, in-case there is a back-out of the candidate already selected and offered. In the end, we keep the vigil up-to 90 days to ensure there is no slippage and ultimate aim of getting right executive on-board is ensured.



  • Dedicated & Separate team for each assignment.
  • Structured Approach & defined process for the job at hand.
  • Use of Technology for accomplishing our search goal.
  • We believe in the value of business